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Year Round

Pikeland Pils Beer


A northern German-style Pilsner brewed with high-quality pils malt

and hopped with German and Czech hops. Light in body,

light straw in color and dry.

4.9% ABV

Helles Beer Can

A German-style golden lager brewed with high-quality pils malt and Saaz and Hallertau hops. This light-bodied beer offers a gentle, dry finish. A perennial favorite in the Sly Fox pubs and our brewer's go-to session beer.

4.9% ABV

Haze Fix Beer Can

4.9% ABV


Soft, pillowy wheat and oats swirl while lush, fruity hops twirl throughout this hazy thing of beauty. Brewed with Trident, Azacca, and El Dorado hops, this easy-drinking hazy IPA is remarkably smooth on the palate with enchanting notes of candied orange. Get your fix!

5.5% ABV

Rt 113 IPA Can
SRT Trail Ale Beer Can
Vulpulin Beer Can

Rt. 113 ipa

This complex, aromatic beer is brewed with an abundance of the finest hops from the Pacific Northwest and England. Every sip will remind you of just why you fell in love with craft beer in the first place.

7% ABV


Bike it. Run it. Walk it. Hike it. Paddle it…Enjoy it. Flowing from the refreshingly rural to a modern metropolis, the mighty Schuylkill River is a hidden gem for the residents of Southeastern Pennsylvania and visitors to our region. 

4.8% ABV


Our fabled brew embodies the spirit of this crafty hop farm dweller. Bursting with Citra, Mosaic, Cascade, and Centennial, Vulpulin IPA grabs your senses and takes you on a midnight frolic through the hops yards.

6% ABV

royal weisse beer
oreillys stout beer

royal weisse

An unforgettable Bavarian-style wheat beer brewed with German pils and wheat malts and hopped with German Northern Brewer hops. This beer is unfiltered and served in a traditional wheat beer glass at our pubs. Medium bodied, honey in color, fruity.

5.6% ABV


An Irish-style dry stout poured with nitrogen for a rich creamy pint. Brewed with imported pale and roasted malts, along with flaked barley, and hopped with Cascade and Target hops. Black in color, light bodied and roasty dry.

3.9% ABV


oktober beer can


This seasonal gem is best enjoyed under a humongous tent while you and thousands of your closest friends sing enthusiastically. Or anywhere, really. It’s all about the gemütlichkeit, baby!

6.1% ABV

Alex's Raspberry Lemon Ale Beer Can


 addition to a sunny, pink hue, our new Alex’s Raspberry Lemon Ale showcases bright notes of sweet, ripe raspberry to accompany the refreshing, slightly-tart nature of freshly-squeezed lemonade.

5% ABV

Blitz Vienna Lager Can


A formidable, bronze appearance and smooth-operating malt character holds the line of scrimmage, while a combination of old and new-world

hops rush in for the sack!

5.4% ABV

christmas ale beer can

christmas ale

Expressive mulling spices swirl and mingle in this full-bodied red ale. With one sip you’ll know the holidays are here!

6.3% ABV

Arctic Fox Can

arctic fox

This winter IPA is light on its feet, but ready to unleash the full force of its aggressive hop regimen. Pungent hop aromas lunge from a platform of crisp, golden malt. An essential brew for winter survival.

6.5% ABV

Slugger Beer Can


Take me out to the ballgame, take me out with the crowd...Our ace brewers have done it again! Slugger is a pilsner that’s as crisp as the crack of a bat, yet flavorful enough to let you know it’s no bush league beer.

5.2% ABV



A can of Helles Fest Beer with a design of a man holding up a beer in celebariton


In the market for a full-sized, yet refreshing, hop-forward lager but you've got
no credit? Bad credit? No Problem! A collaborative celebration with our
excellent friends at Dewey Beer Company, Helles Fest combines the reliability of
a Helles with the sportiness of a Pilsner, and the capacity of a Bock.
C'mon down to Helles Fest where we've got the lager for YOU!

6.4% ABV

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