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Sly Fox Lunar Sparkles Super Blue Blood Moon IPA


Lunar Sparkles

Super Blue Blood Moon IPA

15.0 OGTBD IBUs6.5% ABV

An Ode to the Beer Moon
Lunar Sparkles is our latest IPA creation
To honor the celestial history happening soon.
We looked to the cosmos for inspiration,
Seeking stars but finding naught but the moon.
With fruits and hops and flaked barley,
Fermentation is said and done,
And our IPA is ready to be enjoyed by the masses.
The super blue blood moon we may not see,
But our taps shall flow upon rise of the sun
And to the moon we’ll raise our glasses.

There’s a Super Blue Blood Moon rising Jan 31st, the first in close to 150 years. This sort of celestial history deserves its own beer. Our brewers used the moon as inspiration and formulated a unique IPA creation incorporating blueberry, blood orange, and flaked barley with plenty of Cascade, Waimea, Denali, & Citra hops. Raise a glass while you marvel at just how vast our universe can be.