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We're all about community! Thanks for your interest in including Sly Fox as part of your organization and/or event!

We love supporting the communities that we are part of and strive to support as many local and national charitable organizations as we can. However, it is not possible to honor every request and we are limited in what we can give. We will make decisions based on the information provided below.

We will abide by federal and state laws when considering all donation requests.


1. ALL REQUESTS MUST BE SUBMITTED A MINIMUM OF 6 WEEKS BEFORE EVENT. We will not be able to participate otherwise.
2. If requesting beer, you must have the proper permit from the appropriate law enforcement agency to dispense beer at your event. You can contact your local liquor board for this information
3. Sly Fox Brewing Company will assume no liability for the event.

* Indicates Required Field

About Your Organization

About Your Event

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