Can Jam Free Music Festival and Kan Jam Tournament, Sly Fox Brewing Company, Pottstown, Pennsylvania Craft Beer and Live Music



Sly Fox Brewing Company's Can Jam Music Festival is curated to feature independent talent, authentic and original, just like Sly Fox beers!


SEPT. 24, 2022







Joe P Mike Pinto
Drew & the Blue 2021 Performers Klink Cliff Hillis and The Forward Thinkers


The FREE music festival includes a day of hand picked artists you’re gonna love on the MAIN STAGE including:
- KLINK 11:00am
- DREW & the BLUE 12:15pm
- MIKE PINTO 1:45pm
- JOE P 3:30pm

On the PATIO STAGE following the KanJam Champion Weigh-in at 5:30:
- Cliff Hillis & the Forward Thinkers



When does the festival begin?

The festival is an all-day event but here are some helpful times:
10am – Discs start flying in our KanJam tournament with 160 teams competing to win their weight in beer. Come watch the matches!
11am – The first band hits the stage!

How much does Can Jam cost?

It's FREE! There is no admission for this event but there will be scrumptious Sly Fox food, beer and gear available for purchase.

Is this a ticketed event?

Nope! Just show up!

Event Map


Can I still enter the KanJam Tournament?

If the registration link is active on this page then, YES! If not, sorry tournament registration is closed. But, if you attend this year, you can check out the competition for next year.

Can I play KanJam even though I'm not registered for the tournament?

Yes, but not in the tournament. We will have extra KanJam sets available for recreational play in the afternoon after the tournament concludes.

What is the format of the KanJam Tournament?

The tournament will be a 40 team double elimination blind draw format. 4 separate 40 team tournaments will be going on at the same time. The champion from each will compete in the final four. Each team will draw a number to decide on first match up.

Teams drawing 1 thru 8 will need to play one additional match. There are 8 courts in each color group. Court 1 - 3 will be reserved for "Winners Bracket" games only. Courts 4 - 8 will be reserved for "Loser Bracket" games only. This will be done to try to keep the tournament moving.

Teams will be assigned to a court for their first game depending upon their draw number. Please only play your first game on your assigned court.

What are the rules?

Tournament Rules
1. All teams must consist of two (2) players.
2. All teams must register online at prior to the event.
3. All teams need to arrive between 9 and 9:30am. Participant meeting is at 9:45 in front of the stage. The first discs fly at 10am.
4. Each team receives 2 Can Jam tees, 2 food tickets, 4 beer tickets, 2 Can Jam koozies, 2 Frisbees, 2 bandanas, 2 pairs of sunglasses, and the chance to win their weight in beer! Please note: Beer can tickets will be worth $6. If you wish to purchase a $6 or $8 can of beer, beer tickets may be used as $6 vouchers to count towards the purchase price of the more expensive can.

Any and all game play rulings will be the final decision of Sly Fox officiating staff. Teams or players arguing with officials can be ejected from the tournament.

All competitors are responsible to know, understand and abide by all the rules and scoring unless noted in Sly Fox Rule Amendments.


  1. All games will be played with Sly Fox Brewing's KanJam sets as set-up and monitored by tournament officials.
  2. KanJam goals are set up at a distance of 50' with Instant Win slots facing one another.
  3. Each KanJam court or lane will be no less than 15' from one another.
  4. Prior to the first game, teams will flip the disc for the right to throw last. Loser of the prior game gets the choice of hammer for the following game.
  5.  All players must have a SLY FOX BEER CAN in one hand at all times. Deflecting MUST be done with only ONE hand.
  6. Disc can only be hit one time with any part of a deflecting player's body.
  7.  Games are to 21 exactly.
  8.  If a throw raises a team's score above 21, the points from that play are deducted from the team's current total.
  9.  If a player interferes with a play, his/her team automatically forfeits that game.
    Your team can bring your own disc this year provided it complies with official Kan Jam rules.
    We will have a scale at check in and verify any outside discs brought in prior to the tournament.

    All discs must meet the following specifications:
    (1) Weight – 160-175g. Tolerance is +/- 2g.
    (2) Diameter – 10.75 inches (27.3 cm). Tolerance is +/- 1 cm.
    (3) 3D printed discs are not permitted

KanJam Scoring
DINGER – 1 point: Redirected Hit
DEUCE– 2 points: Direct Hit
BUCKET– 3 points: Deflection into top of Kan
INSTANT WIN– Direct, unassisted entry into Kan (disc must stay in Kan or it is a Duece).

*Sly Fox asks that you refrain from bringing all outside food and beverages into the festival. This helps us to keep Can Jam a FREE, non-ticketed event for our guests. Please be courteous of our request so that everyone can enjoy the FREE day of fun with spectacular music from national touring acts!


Where can I park my car?

You may park your car on the outside curb around Circle of Progress Drive or in any lots that have signage for our event. Please respect our neighbors' property and only park where signs indicate it is ok to do so.


We'd like to be safe and stay the night in Pottstown. What hotels are near the brewery?

Thanks for drinking responsibly! Here are some super-close by, local accommodations:

Motel 6
78 Robinson St., Pottstown, PA 19464

Fairfield Inn & Suites
99 Robinson St., Pottstown, PA 1946

Quality Inn Pottstown
61 W King St., Pottstown, PA 19464

Days Inn Pottstown
1600 Industrial Hwy., Pottstown, PA 19464



Are children welcome?

Of course! Can Jam fun is approved for all ages. We will be checking IDs and hand stamping individuals over the age of 21.

Can we bring our family dog, cat, iguana, chinchilla?

Pets are welcome but please know that everyone will want to take a photo of your pet iguana on a leash. We also ask that you consider your pet's behavior around large groups/other animals and decide if it's a good venue for them. Sly Fox will not be held responsible for their actions or picking up your pet's doo-doo.

Are tents, lawn chairs, etc. permitted?

Great question! Bring your favorite festival chairs and blankets but please no tents. These can obstruct another person's view of the stage.

Will there be tours of the brewery during Can Jam?

Tours will not be available during Can Jam. Come back and visit us on another weekend and we will show you around!

Can I purchase sweet Can Jam and other Sly Fox apparel at the event?

Absolutely! You can also purchase hip Sly Fox swag on our website.


Can I bring my own food/beverage?

NO. Sly Fox asks that you refrain from bringing all outside food and beverages into the festival. This helps us to keep Can Jam a *FREE*, non-ticketed event for our guests. Please be courteous of our request so that everyone can enjoy the *FREE* day of fun with spectacular music from national touring acts!

What are the food and beverage selections for the day? Will there be food for the kids?

We'll have plenty of delicious Sly Fox fare like pizzas, cheesesteaks, pretzels, veggie sandwiches, and brats! Non-alcoholic beverages including water and soda will also be available for purchase.

Will the Sly Fox Tastin' Room be open?

Yes, but we will have a limited menu for the event. Don't worry, our lip-smacking pizza is on the list! Due to the number of guests we are expecting, unfortunately there will be no carry out beer available, nor will there be growler fills or flights.

Do you accept cash and cards?

Cash is appreciated, but cards will be accepted throughout the festival. Low on cash? There is an ATM on site in the Tastin' Room.



Start Making Sense Can Jam 2021 Performer Bobby Gentillo & The Cornlickers Can Jam 2021 Performer
Good Lovin Jam Band Can Jam 2021 Performer Mason Porter Can Jam 2021 Performer Drew & the Blue 2021 Performers


Marah Entrain
The Big Takeover Pierce Edens Whiskeyhickon Boys


Billy Walton You Do You Riverbones


The Commonheart RFA
Swift Technique Michael Tiernan Tap Trio


Ben Arnold Tom Hamilton's American Banies Swift Technique
Jason Fractacelli Band Chestnut Grove  


Mason Porter Matt Spitko Michael Tiernan
Travel Lanes Waylon Speed  



American Babies Cheerleader Shrimpboat
The Whiskeyhickon Boys Hoots & Hellmouth  



John Train Swift Technique The Lawsuits
Toy Soldiers Travel Lanes  



Manatawny Creek Ramblers John Train Mason Porter
Phil Minissale Rev. TJ McGlinchey Vinegar Creek Constituency