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Sly Fox's Big, Fun Music Bash
an-loving brewery curates amazing lineup at free live concert

Sly Fox Beer

POTTSTOWN, PA – This fall Sly Fox Brewing Company will celebrate the vessel that has helped to propel their brew's popularity– the can. Sly Fox Brewing Company was one of the first breweries to can craft beers and, in the years since they've been doing it, they've grown to be one of the most passionate advocates of beer in cans, promoting the benefits of cans and breaking new ground with revolutionary technology and compelling designs that advance craft beer.

On September 27, Sly Fox Brewing Company presents the third annual CAN JAM 2014, a free live music festival in celebration of the can. Held in a massive outdoor event area adjacent to the brewery, the festival has been carefully curated to include bands as original and authentic as Sly Fox beer.

With five regional acts on the rise slated to take the stage at Can Jam 2014, there is certain to be something for everyone:

Whiskeyhickon Boys: A trio of extreme talent from Philadelphia that delivers an energetically creative mix of bluegrass and funk in an engaging performance.

Shrimpboat: A Lancaster, Pennsylvania-based band of handpicked artists featuring powerful vocals, tight harmonies, energizing grooves and a fresh approach to festival funk.

Hoots & Hellmouth: A passionate foot-stompin' Philadelphia folk rock band that marries bold music and lyrics which resonate with familiarity and an almost magical transportive potential.

Cheerleader: An indie rock/power pop outfit grabbing the region and the world by the ear drums with their infectious self-described haze-pop layered sonic style and fun vibe.

American Babies: A critically-acclaimed Philadelphia-based, roots-rock experience that combines multiple influences in a memorable show featuring impeccable musicians at each position.

"We've invited talent that is authentic and original like our beer," says brewmaster Brian O'Reilly. "We want the music to be exciting and accessible but we also want it to reflect the sincerity and innovation of the Sly Fox brand."

The music at Can Jam 2014 kicks off at 1:00pm on September 27 and will also celebrate Sly Fox Brewing Company beers in cans and on draught. Can Jam is a family event and 21+ identification is required to purchase beer.

About Sly Fox Brewing Company
Sly Fox Brewing Company is a state-of-the-art regional craft production brewery with an adjoining tasting room in Pottstown, PA opened in 2012 to complement their 18 year-old brewpub in nearby Phoenixville, PA. With current distribution in six states including Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia, Sly Fox has continued to grow in popularity since their first brew in 1995.