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Former Sierra Nevada rep Patrick Mullin named to critical post.

A familiar figure on the Delaware Valley beer scene will become part of the Sly Fox Brewing family in January when Patrick Mullin assumes the newly created post? Director of Sales. Mullin was the general manager of The Drafting Room in Exton, Penna. for nearly a decade before becoming a regional sales representative for Chico, California's Sierra Nevada Brewing Company in 2008.

Co-presidents John Giannopoulos and Peter Giannopoulos noted that the new position is vital for the company's continued success as the Sly Fox Brewing Company prepares to open its new 50-hectroliter brewery in Pottstown and expand its sales region.

We are very excited to be moving up into to a new phase at Sly Fox," said Peter. "We actually go way back with Patrick and are very pleased that he has been a large supporter of brewmaster Brian O'Reilly and Sly Fox."

"We trust that Patrick will enhance our relationship with our distribution partners as we position ourselves for growth," added Peter. "We're confident that Patrick is just the right person, at just the right time, to help us accomplish this."

Mullin said that his time with Sierra Nevada, one of the country's first craft breweries and among the most respected, was a rewarding experience.

"I am extraordinarily grateful that I have had the opportunity to work for a world class organization like Sierra Nevada," he said in a recent interview. "They are an exemplary employer, corporate citizen and environmental steward. I'm fortunate to work in a segment of the beer industry that allows and even encourages praise and camaraderie amongst its many diverse producers. I have always been and will remain a dedicated consumer and strong vocal supporter of Sierra Nevada."

Mullins added, "My new position at Sly Fox will allow me to further my personal development by experiencing the challenges of directing the growth of a promising, smaller producer. I've been a fan of Brian O'Reilly's beers since his time at New Road and the Giannopoulos family has treated me wonderfully since my early days managing The Drafting Room."

Sales representative Corey Reid, who will report to Mullin in the new corporate structure, says that the announcement of his hiring has been extremely well received.

"My wholesalers and retailers, restaurant owners, bartenders, other sales reps, they all told me how excited they are," commented Reid. "Patrick is one of the most popular guys on the local beer scene and having him represent Sly Fox is going to be a great boost for us."

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