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It took us a little longer than we expected it to-that's what happens when you're selling beer as fast as you can make it (and sometimes faster than you can make it)-but we're ready to party now and we bet you are too.

August 6-8 will be the Grand Opening Party for the relocated Phoenixville pub and we will mark the occasion with 23 beers pouring all weekend (or as long as they last) and you cask ale fans know what that means. Since we only have 20 taps, all three of our handpumps will be up and running as well.

Things will get rolling on Friday with 23 beers pouring and specials on the food- menu--including a particularly appealing dessert--O'Reilly's Stout Ice Cream Floats--and continue throughout the weekend. The very popular local band Celtic Spirit will be filling the building with Irish music from 7-11 on Saturday night as an additional treat.

We're still hard at work on the details and will be adding more information at our Facebook site all week.


When Sly Fox Oktoberfest Lager hits retail shelves in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York later this month, it will mark the first time this popular seasonal style has ever been released in cans by a craft brewery.

To say that canned Sly Fox Oktoberfest is eagerly awaited would be a massive understatement.

"We worked out a deal with our supplier to purchase a smaller run of cans than is normally required," says Brewery Operations Manager Tim Ohst," but when the advance orders from our wholesalers came in, we had to revise our order for Oktoberfest cans upward by something like 60% at the last minute in order to meet the expected demand. There is a real interest out there."

Sly Fox was one of the early adopters of canning craft beer, the first brewery in the Mid-Atlantic region to do so, and has seen canning become the hottest trend in craft beer today. Sly Fox Oktoberfest is the sixth canned beer offered by the brewery, joining the three year-round releases, Pikeland Pils, Phoenix Pale Ale and Rt. 113 IPA, and two other seasonals, Royal Weisse and Dunkel Lager.


With Sly Fox beer selling faster than ever, the only answer is to expand capacity. Two new 40bbl fermenters were delivered and installed at the Royersford brewery in late July.

"They should give us about 1600 bbls more capacity," says Brewmaster Brian O'Reilly. "Most importantly, they will help us get closer to meeting our orders. There is nothing we hate more than to run out of beer for loyal customers."

The added capacity, of course, creates more work so there are two new faces on the brewery staff as of this month.Max Pfeffer and Mike Dager are the new hires; Max last worked at Victory Brewing while Mike is new to professional brewing but is an avid home brewer.

Andy Crouch, author of Great American Craft Beer:
"Sly Fox is known in part as a major supporter of canning craft beer and when you taste this offering, it'll change your opinion of craft beer forever...A joy to both smell and drink, Pikeland Pils will always have a home in my fridge."

"Dunkel Lager starts with a sweet jolt of European dark malt, with bready and toffee predominating over a mild, zesty hop zing, all with cream elements mixed in....this Sly Fox offering is rich and flavorful..."

New York Times Tasting Panel, American Pale Ales:
"Phoenix Pale Ale, # 4 - Restrained and lively with pleasing malt flavors and delicate hop accents."

All About Beer, 14 great session beers:
"[Pikeland Pils] pours a bright golden color with a lacing white head. Spot on for the style." (Pikeland was the only pilsner included on the list)

Incubus now at both locations | Royersford and Phoenixville

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