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This year's version of Sly Fox's popular Incubus Tripel will be coming to a beer store near you (and be available at any fine restaurant which recognizes the possibilities for pairing great beer with great food, in early July. Incubus has become a cult-favorite beer in the Philadelphia region. The draught version pous on only at Sly Fox Phoenixville and only on the first Friday of each month, and Incubus Friday has become a target date and destination for beer geeks from far and wide and last year's cases were sold out in record time.

Three batches of Incubus have been brewed for 2007. The first batch is the draught supply and was first poured on February 2 at Phoenixville. The other two batches will producesome 400-plus cases of 750ml bottles to be sold at both pubs and in the retail market. They are part of the Big Beer, Big Bottle series which also includes Ichor Quadruple, Saison Vos, Black Raspberry Reserve and the annual Christmas Ale. Like the latter two, which are seasonal releases in limited quantities, Incubus tends to sell-out rapidly.

"Incubus is one of our more popular big beers," says brewmaster Brian O'Reilly, "and the policy of restricting draught to only one night each month and only one location, only adds to its mystique. It's a great beer to pour as an aperitif before dinner to entice your appetite and it's equally enjoyable for sipping after dinner and chatting with family and friends."

The Big Bottle series is just part of Sly Fox's unique packaging program, a program designed to establish a unique market niche while offering consumers a wide variety of choices beyond the standard 12oz bottle. Rt. 113 IPA, a year-round release, heads a lists of 22oz bottle brands which have been well-received by customers both new and old. The remainder of the line currently consists of seasonal releases Odyssey Imperial IPA, Instigator Doppelbock and Oktoberfest. Plans are currently underway to either add some additional styles to that list or rotate them in among the seasonal releases (not all being available every year). Among the beers being considered are Gang Aft Agley (Wee Heavy) and Panacea.

Our quartet of canned beers completes the package line-up. See "News" below.


Sly Fox's extremely popular Royal Weisse, a traditional Bavarian-style, unfiltered wheat beer which was eagerly anticipated from the moment the canned beer line was introduced, debuted this spring, just in time for the summer season.
[photo: all cans or one can?Weiss]

Beer in cans is, of course, a summertime staple and Sly Fox is in the vanguard of American craft brewers taking advantage of this popular packaging (beer in cans is easier to carry on vacation; welcome on many beaches, golf courses and, naturally, camping and hiking trips; better protects the beer from the light; easier to store, and, no, the flavor is not affected)

Royal Weisse joins Pikeland Pils, Phoenix Pale Ale and Dunkel Lager in our canned product line. It will alternate with the Dunkel as a seasonal release and is available on draught throughout the year at our pubs and the best beer bars and fine restaurants. Ask for them wherever you are

December 14, 2007

Is this the largest single all-IPA event anywhere in the world every year? We like to think so and nobody's argued otherwise to date. The culimination of the year-long IPA Project, a series of single hop varietal IPAS offered in limited draught release on a monthly basis, this all-day celebration offers all of those varietals on tap and the first taping of Odyessy Imperial IPA, a big majestic beer made with all those hops. Here's our calendar listing for this event.

July 13, 2007

One of the area's unique and most popular events, held only when the calendar dictates. Firkins filled with cask beer line the Grey Lodge bar, seven at a time, as many as 20 or more, featuring the beers of virtually ever bar in the local region and as many from out of town who can beg their way in. Sly Fox has been a part of every Friday the Firkinteen and there's no stopping us now. The first beers are tapped at noon.Here's our calendar listing for this event.

July 14, 2007

This event at the center-city brewpub brings together most of the local breweries in a zany, costumed competition in which the idea is to be the first to empty your keg. Nobody really cares who wins, understand, it's just a great afternoon of beer drinking and good times. This year's theme is "The Running of the Bulls. Here's our calendar listing for this event.

Every Month

Every Sly Fox afianado is familiar with these monthly events. On the First Friday of every month, Incubus Tripel goes on tap in Phoenixville at Noon. These special days are the only times Incubus is on draught anywhere throughout the year. Two weeks later, on the Third Friday of the month, a first of cask ale goes onto one of the handpumps in Phoenxiville at Noon. These beers pour until they're gone and that's it until the next time. Check our our Monthly Calendar for the dates.


Sundae, a nine-year old goat raced by Alyssa Zawislak, a 12-year old veteran of two previous goat races, won this year's Bock Festival Goat Race and, as is the tradition, both then joined Sly Fox brewmaster Brian O'Reilly in tapping the first keg of the beer which will proudly bear the name Sundae Maibock in 2007.

The Bock Festival and Goat Race features not only the multi-heat competition to earn the honor of naming the annual Maibock and take part in its first tapping (not to mention a $75 Sly Fox gift card for the winning owner), but also a day-long German feast featuring all of Sly Fox's Bock beers on draught (Slacker Bock, Helles Bock, Instigator Doppelock and two versions of Eisbock (beers frozen to remove the water), as well as the Maibock), German music and dancing and a special German menu. You can read about this year's gathering here.

This unique event is held on the first Sunday of every May and this year's crowd was estimated to be 2000, the largest ever. The 2008 Festival will be held on June 8. Mark your calendars now. It is very much a family affair so plan to bring the whole gang.

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