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Roger Protz, the famed British beer writer who is author of The Complete Guide to World Beer and editor of the CAMRA Good Beer Guide, and K. Florian Klemp, award-winning homebrewer and beer writer, were selected to review Sly Fox Pikeland Pils in the July issue of All About Beer Magazine.

To say that they were suitably impressed might qualify as the understatement of the year.

PROTZ: I shall put aside my well-nurtured dislike of canned beer and admit this is an excellent version of pilsner. The color is pale bronze and the aroma has toasted grain, floral hops and a hint of tart citrus fruit. There is a massive hit of bitter and spicy hops in the mouth with toasted malt and tangy citrus. The finish is long and beautifully balanced with bitter hops, ripe malt and sharp fruit. In the Czech Republic, where they know a bit about brewing pilsners, they would enjoy this with carp.

KLEMP: I can only expect wonderful things from a pilsner microbrewed in Pennsylvania, especially when reminded on the label of its accolades. The color is brilliant gold and the aroma has undertones of lemon and tangerine and a fresh floral German noble forefront. Very lithe in the body, with a drying and durable finish full of hop bitterness. The flavor is appropriately dominated by hops that are tenuously kept at bay by grainy pale malt and hints of citrus. Immaculately brewed and spot on for a North German pilsner all the way around. As cliched as this is, I can't imagine a better summer style than this. Some spicy grilled shrimp would do nicely here.

What they said.

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