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A Sly Fox Summer Favorite Is Now Available in Cans!
Grisette, a spicy, unfiltered 5.6% Belgian-style Ale, which has been draught only at our pubs and a few select accounts until now, has just been released in 12oz cans.

Cans of Grisette Working Class Ale went on sale at the Pottstown Tastin' Room today and will be released at the Sly Fox Brewhouse & Eatery in Phoenixville on Friday. Cans will also be available at retailers in all of our markets in the near future.

headerJust as Saison was the beer of Belgian farmhands, Grisette was made for Belgian miners. It is named for the gray frocks worn by the women who served it to those miners as they emerged from underground at the end of their daily shifts (you can learn a bit more about those gals on the back of the can).

Grisette is rarely brewed in the US and even more rarely packaged. We are delighted to make this delicious beer more accessible to its devoted fans and especially to all those newcomers who will surely join that august group upon first sip.


Like many Sly Fox favorites, Grisette Working Class Ale is named for its original European style. In this case, Grisette is a Belgian-styled ale. Sly Fox brewers are committed to honoring the history of brewing with authentic creations named after the original inspirations. Ordering brews named after European styles can be troubling for American consumers exploring the world of craft beer so we made some videos to help you remember. Cheers!


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