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Reversal of fortune for two goat finishers and one employee, Jixxer wins!

PHOENIXVILLE, PA May 5, 2014 - It's always unfortunate when human error enters into athletic competition but, the reality is, during the course of an event, contest or game, occasionally officials can determine the difference between euphoric championship glory and dejected defeat.

Such was the case yesterday, May 4th, at Sly Fox Brewing Company's Annual Bock Festival and Goat Races where the final heat came down to a photo finish between four goats.

The call on the course based on limited photos available at the time, was that Spartacus, a sizable athlete from Pottstown, PA had won, and the crowd went wild.

The champion of the annual event is a coveted title. As many as 60 goats compete in a daylong event that celebrates Spring and bock beers. Sly Fox Brewing Company has been holding the event in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania on the first Sunday in May for over a dozen years, and thousands of attendees come out to watch the goats compete and enjoy delicious bock beers.

A special Maibock is named for the winner of the goat race and customers order it by name while it lasts in 2014 the beer will be called Spartacus Maibock.

Spartacus, a five-year-old, 75 pound runner entered by Frank Smith Beverages in Pottstown, PA, was handled by Mia Lucchesi and Jeremy Woodside. This was Spartacus' shot at redemption, having been disqualified in 2013 due to inept handling. The entire team erupted with joy when Spartacus was named the winner of the closest final heat in recent memory.

There was just one problem.

Much like the NFL and MLB, high stakes Bock Fest goat racing also now employs modern video technology to intervene where human officials have erred. "It wasn't until a full team of judges was assembled to review the photo finish and newly available video footage that we realized a mistake had been made," offered Brian O'Reilly, goat race founder, emcee and brewmaster for the Montgomery County, Pennsylvania craft beer maker.

In the aftermath of a day that started gray but transitioned to bright sunshine for the final heat, race coordinators realized that an error had been made in the heat of the moment.

"Our finish line official, a judge we have employed at this position for more than a decade, made a critical and, for him, uncharacteristic error," continued O'Reilly. "We cannot tolerate less than perfection in an event this important, and as Bock Fest Commissioner, my office will be conducting a swift and comprehensive review of all race officials."

The actual winner of the 2014 event is Jixxer, a recused Alpine four-year-old weighing 132 pounds. Jixxer is owned by Recycled Tails animal rescue and Ron Detweiler was the handler.

"We're going to brew a special beer just for Jixxer," said O'Reilly. "We'll name it after him and have a release party with Jixxer the real 2014 champion as guest of honor."

"We really regret that this happened and we will employ every means necessary to make certain that it doesn't happen ever again."

At press time it was learned that the finish line official had been revoked of his duties for all future competitions, and was downgraded to trash and recycling collection for the 2015 Sly Fox Brewing Company Bock Festival and Goat Races. There was no word yet on whether the National Goat Race Officials Union planned to appeal this decision.

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