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Love for Wide Open Spaces!

We've been fortunate to receive international press attention and public acclaim for the new 360 CAN with Wide Open Flavor and Aroma since the day Sly Fox Brewing Company's Helles Golden Lager was released and demand keeps mounting.It's all because the 360 presents our beer in the best possible fashion, allowing the delicious flavors and the wonderful aromas to be fully experienced!

Even though it is currently available only in Pennsylvania due to outdated litter laws in other states, Helles in the 360 can has become one of our fastest growing and best-selling products in a matter of a few short months. It has only been available in cases of 4 six packs until now, but new loose pack suitcases are about to hit the market. Look for them at your favorite distributor soon and discover all the features and benefits of the 360 can.

Incredible FREE Music Festival

The second annual Can Jam Music Festival, a FREE, day-long party featuring an all-star lineup of some of the region's best musical acts will be held at the Sly Fox Brewery at 331 Circle of Progress Drive in the Pottstown Airport Industrial Park from noon until 10pm on Saturday, September 28.

Can Jam is a celebration of great music, our award-winning beer, and a special food menu from the Sly Fox Tastin' Room. It also features Sly Fox Brewing Company's annual Kan Jam Tournament starting at 10AM.

Can Jam is our biggest event in Pottstown and it promises to be even better this year. We will be announcing the music acts soon with details about the food and beer to follow.

Win Your Weight in Beer!

The Sly Fox Kan Jam Tournament is, once again, part of the fun at the Can Jam Music Festival and attendees can cheer on their favorite teams while enjoying cold beer and Sly Fox Tastin' Room's famous food in the great outdoors.

Two-person teams will compete in a round robin style tournament attempting to outscore each other in the best of three games by throwing discs at a barrel-shaped goal. Besides the regular Kan Jam Rules, Sly Fox adds our own cantacular touch to the game by requiring all contestants to play while holding a can in one hand!

We're planning for 64 teams just like last year and registration is now open and filling rapidly. The entrance fee is $50 and includes 2 t-shirts (be sure to select your sizes when you register), 2 food tickets, 2 beer tickets and 2 Sly Fox can koozies. The winning team is rewarded with their combined weight in beer.

Don't miss the weighing-in ceremony before the championship round, complete with plenty of trash talk! Competition will begin at 10am and the championship match will take place around 4pm.

Check out our NEW Suitcases

Now, we don't mean to imply that we have a lot of baggage but we're mighty proud of our eight new can cases! Sly Fox' colorful loose can packs always were icons in Pennsylvania distributor aisles and welcome additions on any refrigerator shelf but, with the introduction of new can styles Helles Golden Lager and Grisette Working Class Ale, we're rolling out a whole new look!

The strikingly rustic, barn-wood packages will be released over the next few months with Helles and Pikeland Pils hitting stores first. Remember these gifts you don't even have to wrap the next time you need a present for a friend with great taste!

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